MAXSA Park Right Red Parking Mat 37359

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MAXSA Park Right Red Parking Mat 37359 Description

Color:Red Product Description Park your car safely and easily with the Maxsa Red Parking Mat. Roll over the first hump and be stopped by the second to know that you have parked in the exact right place, every time. The Red Parking Mat allows you to park safely and easily so you don’t damage your vehicle or your garage. The included anti-skid tape prevents the mat from moving, and a reflective strip provides high visibility, even in low light. Park Safely and Prevent Damage To Your Car Or Garage Park your car safely, every time Park perfectly every time with the MAXSA Innovations Park Right Parking Mat. Included anti-skid tape prevents the mat from moving. Reflective tape provides high visibility for easier parking. A built-in drip tray prevents water, snow, or dirt from falling onto the floor. One size fits all passenger vehicles. Great for boats and RVs. Includes 1 mat. Works with Any Vehicle The mat’s large size means any tire can fit and benefit from the Parking Mat. Two bumps let you know when you are positioned on the parking mat. The first, smaller bump lets you know you’re on top of the mat and the second, larger bump lets you know to stop. What Makes MAXSA Parking Mats So Useful? MAXSA Parking Mats can accommodate any vehicle, large or small Park your vehicle perfectly every time Prevent damage to your car and to your garage What’s in the Box? 1 MAXSA Parking Mat, double-sided tape. Frequently Asked Questions: Q: Can I use my Parking Mat with any type of vehicle? A: Yes, the Parking Mat should accommodate any size tire. Q: How many Parking Mats do I need? A: You only need one per car, but you can use more. Q: How do I position the Parking Mat? A: Park your car perfectly one time. Make a mark on the floor around the base of the tire. Back up your vehicle and then place the parking mat down so the flat area of the mat between the two bumps is positioned over the mark you made on the floor. Now it will help you stop your vehicle in the perfect spot every time. Q: How do I secure the Parking Mat to the floor? A: You have two options. You can use the heavy-duty double sided tape that comes with the mat. Be sure to thoroughly clean the floor of the garage before placing the tape as dust can prevent the tape from sticking properly. You can also hard-mount the mat using the two holes in the rear corners of the mat. About MAXSA Innovations MAXSA Innovations is dedicated to creating unique and truly innovative products. MAXSA has one goal–your complete satisfaction. MAXSA Innovations products are designed to protect you, ensure your safety, keep you comfortable, and enhance your overall enjoyment of life. MAXSA designs all of their products to be dependable, easy to install, easy to use, and cost effective. MAXSA Innovations products are precision manufactured for quality. For your convenience, customer service and technical support are available by phone, fax, or e-mail.

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